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Reddit AMA by Cedar Graphics Team

Posted on 3/13/2015 by Justin McDonald in Cedar Graphics Design Tips

Attention Redditors or any fans of online discussion, the team at Cedar Graphics will be doing a question and answer session on /r/graphic_design on Friday the 13th.

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Print Nerdy - Printing 101 from Cedar Graphics

Posted on 3/2/2015 by Justin McDonald in Cedar Graphics Design Tips Tutorial

We think the world needs more print nerds and we're going to do something about it. Get a free copy of Printing 101 from Cedar Graphics.

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InDesign Package vs PDF Export Comparison

Posted on 1/7/2015 by Humza Igram in Video Design Tips

Some designers feel that packaging an InDesign file and sending it to their printer is faster and safer than creating and sending a PDF. This isn't necessarily true. Especially when using the Cedar Graphics PDF presets. Check out this brief video for a comparison.

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Why use InDesign vs. Photoshop for Layout

Posted on 9/8/2014 by Humza Igram in Video Design Tips

Knowing which tool to use is crucial for new designers. Although Photoshop is a great tool, InDesign provides much better tools for multiple page layouts. Watch this video from Humza reviewing the benefits of InDesign for printing layouts.

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Special Printing Effects Tutorials

Posted on 4/6/2014 by Justin McDonald in Video Design Tips Tutorial

Cedar Graphics is well known for the unique special printing effects we do inline using our UV inks and presses. Here's a brief refresher via two YouTube video tutorials covering how to set up these effects in your favorite design software.

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Creating Spot-PMS Colors in Photoshop and InDesign

Posted on 3/29/2014 by Humza Igram in Design Tips Video

If you are utilizing Adobe Photoshop for your print file creation, you know that creating spot or PMS colors can be tricky. In this video, Humza demonstrates how to perform this task in Photoshop as well as a much easier was to do this in Adobe InDesign

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